PhD Programmes

विद्या वाचस्पति (Ph.D.) अनुसंधान कार्यक्रम

List of PhD students

Name of PhD Scholar Email Date of Enrolment Enrolment No Research Area Supervisor Thesis Title
SUSHIL KUMAR sushilkumarrocky AT gmail DOT com 14/08/2017 IUAC/17/006 Nuclear Physics Dr. Rakesh Kumar To be given
KAUSHIK KATRE k_katre AT yahoo DOT com 11/08/2017 IUAC/17/005 Nuclear Physics Dr. R.P.Singh To be given
ISHTIAQ AHMED ishtiaq729 AT gmail DOT com 11/08/2017 IUAC/17/004 Nuclear Physics Dr. Rakesh Kumar To be given
DIVYA ARORA aroradivya324 AT gmail DOT com 08/08/2017 IUAC/17/003 Nuclear Physics Dr. P. Sugathan To be given
ANUSMITA CHAKRAVORTY anusmitachakravorty AT gmail DOT com 16/08/2017 IUAC/17/002 Materials Science Dr. D. Kabiraj To be given
ANUP KUMAR CHOUDHURY anup AT iuac DOT res DOT in 11/07/2017 IUAC/17/001 Accelerators & Cryogenics Dr. D. Kanjilal Design and Development of Cryo-cooler based condenser for Liquid Nitrogen and Liquid Helium.
HIMANSHI GUPTA himanshigupta038 AT gmail DOT com 22/08/2016 IUAC/16/006 Materials Science Dr. Fouran Singh Spectroscopy and electrical transport studies of doped metal oxide in nanophases tailored under ion irradiation.
SAURABH KUMAR SHARMA sharmasaurabh030 AT gmail DOT com 22/08/2016 IUAC/16/005 Materials Science Dr. Pawan Kulriya Radiation-induced effects in the nanostructured pyrochlore for waste from applications.
ROHAN BISWAS rohanbiswas1993 AT gmail DOT com 08/08/2016 IUAC/16/004 Nuclear Physics Dr. Subir Nath Study of fusion reactions deep below the barrier
SUGAM KUMAR sugam AT iuac DOT res DOT in 11/05/2016 IUAC/16/003 Atomic Physics C.P Safvan &
Dr. Wolfgand Quint
Design and Setup of Penning Trap for the Study of Ions in Extreme Laser Fields
GOLDA K.S golda AT iuac DOT res DOT in 11/05/2016 IUAC/16/002 Nuclear Physics Dr. P. Sugathan Fusion fission reactions studies near mass 200 region
ANURADHA anu DOT bhogra AT gmail DOT com 08/02/2016 IUAC/16/001 Materials Science Dr. K. Asokan Nano structuring of oxides using ion beam and their thermoelectric properties
VIPUL JOSHI vipuljoshi92 AT gmail DOT com 17/09/2015 IUAC/15/003 Accelerator Physics Dr. Subhendhu Ghosh Generation of Comb Electron Beam and Production of Electromagnetic Radiation from the Beam
JITENDRA SINGH jeetusingh278 AT gmail DOT com 20/07/2015 IUAC/15/001 Materials Science Dr. Fouran Singh Conducting polymer-based hybrid nanocomposites and their response upon energetic ion irradiation for multifunctional applications
CHETNA TYAGI tchetna91 AT gmail DOT com 26/12/2014 IUAC/14/002 Materials Science Dr. Ambuj Tripathi &
Dr. D. K. Avasthi
Tuning of optical and electrical properties of 2 D materials (Graphene oxide and Molybdenum disulfide) under ion-beam irradiation
ARKAPRAVA DAS arkapravadas222 AT gmail DOT com 28/07/2014 IUAC/14/001 Materials Science Dr. Fouran Singh Phase transformation studies for CdO based thin film and their nanocomposites for optoelectronic applications

Guidelines for Ph D Programme at IUAC (2 MB)

Guidelines for Submission of Thesis

For IUAC JRF Programme

  • Dr. Ambuj Tripathi
  • ambuj[at]iuac[dot]res[dot]in

For details about Teaching Programme

  • Dr. S Muralithar
  • murali[at]iuac[dot]res[dot]in
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