Data Support Labs

आधार सामग्री सहायक प्रयोगशाला

About the Laboratory

Data Support Laboratory (DSL) at Inter-University Accelerator Centre provides support to users for Data Acquisition and NIM electronics set up at Data Room. The lab has got a pool of NIM and CAMAC resources that can be issued to users for setting up the experiments.

Data Acquisition at NSC

About DAQ

About DAQ

Data Acquisition at NSC is based on CAMAC based standard system running on Linux OS. The system uses a low-cost homemade crate controller and PC interface card. Two DAQ stations in the data room can be used to collect data from the experimental setup of different beamlines. The system called DAS1 and DAS2 is located at two sides of the data room (room 112) where patch panels from HIRA and GPSC beamlines are terminated. The system uses standard NIM electronics to process the signals and digital interfacing is done by CAMAC. The DAQ software is developed at NSC and is based on Linux OS. The software called "Freedom" is a user-friendly system that can be easily configured for a typical experimental setup at NSC.

NIM ELectronics

NIM ELectronics

Following electronics modules are available for users

  • Spectroscopy Amplifiers
  • TFA
  • Pre-amplifiers
  • Bias Supplies
  • CFD
  • GDG
  • TAC
  • TSCA

Data Support Laboratory Contact Persons

Data Room, Nuclear Science Centre, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, New Delhi -110067, INDIA
Phone: (+11)-26893955,26892601
Extn: 114
Fax: +11-26893666

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