Target Laboratory

Detector Laboratory


This laboratory is one of the user support laboratories which provides facilities and necessary help to the user community for the preparation of thin films and targets required to perform experiments using the Pelletron, in the areas of Nuclear Physics, Atomic Physics and Materials Science.---more

Detector Laboratory at Inter-University Accelerator Centre provides infrastructure & support for development of radiation detectors for various research experiments. Considering the importance of heavy ion nuclear reaction research at IUAC, special attention has been made to the development of low energy heavy ion detectors. These include low pressure multi wire proportional chamber, ionization detectors and silicon strip detectors.---more

An heavy ion Rf-superconducting LINAC booster project for 15UD Pelletron accelerator is near to completion at Nuclear Science Centre. The acceleration would be performed with number of superconducting quarter wave resonators made of niobium which has a critical temperature 9.2K. Therefore the resonators have to be cooled below it's critical temperature to make operational, hence required liquid helium [4.2K] and associated cryogenic system.---more

Vacuum Laboratory

Beam Transport System

Data Support Laboratory



Data Support Laboratory(DSL) at Inter-University Accelerator Centre provides support to users for Data Acquisition and NIM electronics set up at Data Room. Lab has got pool of NIM and CAMAC resources that can be issued to users for setting up the experiments.---more

Electronics and RF Laboratory

High Performance Computing Laboratory

Teaching Laboratory



ExpEYES is from the PHOENIX project of Inter-University Accelerator Centre,New Delhi. It is a hardware & software framework for developing science experiments, demonstrations and projects without getting in to the details of electronics or computer programming. It converts your PC into a science laboratory. PHOENIX (Physics with Home-made Equipment and Innovative Experiments) project was started, in 2005 as a part of IUAC's outreach program, with the objectives of developing affordable laboratory equipment and training teachers.---more

Engineering Division

Academic Cell


Details of the Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Division---more

Objective of the academic cell is to interface between users and facilities.---more

The library has got the necessary infrastructure and facilities in order to meet the diversified information requirements of scientists, engineers, research scholars and students of IUAC and its user community from various universities and institutions all over the country.---more