Nuclear Physics

Materials Science

Radiation Biology

Research facilities are
» Indian National Gamma Array
» HYbrid Recoil Mass Analyzer
» National Array of Neutron Detectors
» Gamma Detector Array
» Heavy Ion Reaction Analyzer
» General Purpose Scattering Chamber  ---more

Energetic ions play a vital role in materials science as they can produce systems away from the thermodynamic equilibrium. The ions in different energy regimes, ranging from a few hundreds of eV to a few hundreds of MeV have different roles in materials. Basic themes of research at IUAC have been a) study of the basics of ion-matter interaction, b) efficient use of ions for nanotechnology & c) materials engineering and characterization ---more

The current research in this field investigates the effects of accelerated charged particles on the biological systems at the molecular level. In that sense, the research field that is intended to be pursued at IUAC may be termed Molecular Radiation Biology. Various experiments can be designed to study the molecular mechanisms leading to the radiation induced effects.---more

Accelerator Mass Spectroscopy

Atomic Physics

Health Physics

Accelerator Mass Spectrometry with 15UD Pelletron at IUAC is first AMS facility in India for the detection of 10Be and 26Al.---more

Highly charge ions are atoms with very high degree of ionization, due to their unshielded coulomb field the interaction which are negligible in in neutral mode become dominant because they scale with different powers of nuclear charge Z. Electron binding energy is large so Coulomb field has a long range interaction which enhances intensity of multipole transitions.---more

Some of the research activities and facilities are
» Low Background Counting System (HPGE & Atomtex)
» Dosimetry of neutron and Gamma using Conducting Polymers and SSNTD�s
» Four Probe Setup
» Development of Conducting Polymers
» Gamma Chamber.---more