Academic Cell

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To streamline Academic Administrative Activities so that
the User Facility provides a better impact on User community

Publications & Documentation

* IUAC Annual Report
(published by June)

* IUAC Newsletter
(published by Nov.)

* Posters for Calendar of events, 
Ph.D ( Semester I  / Semester II ) Posters, workshops,Conference abstract booklets, Brochures

* Technical reports / memos

* Journal/Conf. Publications

General Assistance to 
other academic matters

 * Ph.D Teaching Programme
(Dr. S Muralithar)
(Dr. Ambuj Tripathi)

 * M.Sc Orientation Programme

* Academic Staff Presentation
(Dr. P Sugathan)

* National Science Day Programme (Dr.S A Khan)

* Educational visits by groups
(Dr. K. S. Golda)

Organizing Workshop/Seminars

 * Accelerator User Committee workshops ( AUC Meeting )
two per year
July 5-7 & Dec.16-18

* Other National/ Internatioal Workshops
as per planned schedule

* IUAC Acquaintance Programs

 * Weekly seminars

* User Presentations

Pelletron user support as
non member secretary of AUC 
(in consultation 
with AUC Convenor)

* User interaction and Correspondence
around 350+ users at present:
from 80 Universities
53 Colleges
& 58 Institutions 

* Beam time request processing ~120-140 per year 

* Beam time scheduling/rescheduling and related correspondence 
as Beam Time Scheduling Group  Convenor 

IUAC Academic Cell

Contact :

  Mr. R Mehta

Management of UFR Projects
(in consultation 
with AUC Convenor)

* Regular monitoring of status of an ongoing UFR Project 
and related user communication

* Sending sanctioned amount
as per rule and schedule 

* Proper closure of UFR Project after completion
( with Academic report, audited utilization certificate, and transfer/refund of unspent money)

Overall Maintenance

of IUAC Web Page

Support provided

to the office of CAA Chairman

Resource provided

to the user community