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Cryogenics at Inter-University Accelerator Centre

An heavy ion Rf-superconducting LINAC booster project for 15UD Pelletron accelerator is near to completion at Nuclear Science Centre. The acceleration would be performed  with number of superconducting quarter wave resonators made of niobium which has a critical temperature  9.2K. Therefore the resonators have to be cooled below it's critical temperature to make  operational, hence required liquid helium [4.2K] and associated cryogenic system.

The Superconducting Linac consists of one  Buncher cryostat,   three Linac cryostats and a Rebuncher cryostat.  Liquid Helium is produced by the  LHe  plant and transfers the liquid to the cryostats through the  distribution  line.The thermal radiation shields  of the cryostats are cooled by the LN2 produced by the LN2  plant and  transferred  through the LN2 transfer line. The recirculation system of  helium gas consists of impure gas bag, recovery  compressor, hi-pressure impure gas cylinders, helium purifier and the pure  gas storage  tanks. The  entire cryogenic system is remotely monitored and controlled from the newly established cryo-control room.

The Primary Activities of Cryogenic Group

I. Operation and maintenance of the cryogenic facilities consists of
 Liquid  Nitrogen Refrigeration Plant
 Liquid Helium Refrigeration Plant
 Helium Recycling System and Helium Purifier

II. Development of Various type of Cryostats for Rf-superconducting Linac
program. The Cryostats are categorized in two types.
Off Line Cryostat
Simple Test Cryostat
Beam -Line Cryostats
Buncher Cryostat
Linac Cryostat-1
Rebuncher Cryostat
 For all the cryostats, the beam line vacuum and the cryostat vacuum are common
hence vacuum should be better than 10E-9 torr. To achieve this high vacuum
to have a clean environment around resonators no MLI is used to reduce
the static heat load of any of the cryostats

 III. Development of Cryogenic Distribution line  with valve boxes to supply
Liquid Helium from liquefier to the cryostats

IV. Development of Cryogenic Data Acquisition and Control System (CRYODACS)
V. Other Developments
a. Development of Helium Purity measurement system using arc-cell.
b. Experimental Test Set-up to study the performance of MLI.
c. Thermal conductivity measurement set-up.



                                                                           Group Members

                                                                         Mr. T.S. Datta
                                                  Mr. Jacob Chacko  Mr.Anup Chowdhury
                                                  Mr.Soumen Kar     Mr.Joby Antony
                                                  Mr.Manoj Kumar   Mr.Suresh Babu
                                                  Mr.R.S.Meena        Mr.S.A.Krishnan