Thin Film and Target Development Laboratory at IUAC

This laboratory is one of the user support laboratories which provides facilities and necessary help to the user community for the preparation of thin films and targets required to perform experiments using the Pelletron, in the areas of

Nuclear Physics.

Atomic Physics.

Materials Science.

More than 100 thin films and targets are prepared per year in this laboratory.

Along with the preparation of targets, the laboratory also prepares 5 microgram/cm 2 thick, free standing carbon foils used as stripper for the 15UD Pelletron accelerator. Approximately 600-800 stripper foils are used in the Pelletron in a year.

The facilities for thin film and target preparation:


Cryo pump based HV evaporator


Rolling machine

Pellet making press

Other facilities:

Micro balance

Vacuum Oven

Tube Furnace

Vertically downwards clean air laminar flow with chemical exhaust

Off-line target thickness measurement setup

Contact persons:

abhi Mr. Abhilash. e-mail:

Mr. D. Kabiraj e-mail: kabiraj

dka Dr. D. K. Avasthi. e-mail: dka