Inter-University Accelerator Centre(IUAC)is an autonomous organization which provides accelerator facilities to universities for basic and applied research in nuclear physics, atomic physics,materials science biosciences and other allied fields.Inter-University Accelerator Centre has a running Pelletron, a tandem Van de graaf type accelerator.

   Accelerator   machine     installed inside the accelerator tank as shown in the picture. High voltage  upto 15 million   volts   is  generated  in  the centre portion  known as  terminal. The  Pelletron  accelerator   can  be  operated  upto 15 MV of terminal potential and  can produce dc as well as  pulsed beam  of a  variety  of elements.  The  pelletron  has  been  operational since July  1991. The  Pelletron  has unique  features like compressed  geometry accelerator  tubes for higher  terminal voltage, offset and matching quadruples for charge   state   selection  inside  high voltage terminal and elaborate pulsing system  in  the  pre-accelerating  region consisting of a beam  chopper, a  traveling  wave deflector, a light ion buncher (for ions of 1- 80 AMU) and a heavy ion buncher(for ions of >80 AMU).

The principle of acceleration of ions is shown in the schematic below:


The detailed description of various features are shown below:

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