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Nov 18, 2019 - Nov 21, 2019

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Objective of 9th Indian Particle Accelerator Conference (InPAC-2019)

The ninth Indian Particle Accelerator Conference (InPAC-2019), sponsored by Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences, Department of Atomic Energy and Indian Society for Particle Accelerators, is being organized at Inter-University Accelerator Centre (IUAC), New Delhi during November 18-21, 2019. The InPAC conference provides the accelerator physicists & technologists of the country a platform to share their work and exchange knowledge, expertise and ideas in the various aspects of particle accelerators. IUAC is the first inter-university research institute within the university system playing a crucial role in facilitating cutting-edge accelerator based research for a large user community. IUAC has commissioned different types of accelerators such as Pelletron, Superconducting LINAC and ion implanters. These accelerators can provide a wide range of ion energies from few tens of eV to several hundreds of MeV.