Phoenix, Parallel port version

  The version of Phoenix interfaced to the parallel port depends entirely on the PC CPU. The device driver does the time measurements using the PC clock. The hardware can be accessed through Pyhton, C or scilab libraries under GNU/Linux and using a Turbo-C library under DOS platforms.

Different Software Routes to the Hardware for doing Experiments using This Box.

C Library

(Source code)
Example programs to use Phoenix interface are inside /usr/phoenix/c. You can edit, compile and run them. Open an X terminal and;
# cd /usr/phoenix/src
# cc -o digin digin.c -lphoenix   (can also try  ./mk digin. View the file 'mk' )
Python Library

(Source code)
Using python you can type the commands directly under the interpreter or by storing it to a file. Python source of the programs under the main menu are inside '/usr/phoenix/python'. For example
will start the CRO program
GUI Programs
This is the easy way, use the GUI programs already available. They are under the main menu. The objective of the CD is to enable you to write similar programs for your specific experiments.
DOS programs
A library and several programs written in Turbo C running under MSDOS is also available inside the directory  '/usr/phoenix/dos' . You need the DOS operating system and TC compiler to run them. Due to the limitations of the DOS platform, development under DOS has been discontinued.