Commercial Availability of PHOENIX Hardware

       This design of Phoenix is a property of IUAC, New Delhi, but permission for commercial production is given to anyone without any royalty payment. Inorder ensure quality of the product and user support, the vendors need to meet the following conditions:
  1. One sample piece has to be certified by IUAC for quality of material and workmanship.
  2. The prototype approved by IUAC should be duplicated without changes
  3. Vendor should inform IUAC about the sales so that we can keep track of the user community.

At present we have the following vendors supplying Phoenix and more are welcome.

Sankar Systems
S-62, Gali No.10
Parampuri, Uttam Nagar
New Delhi 110 059
Ph: 9810841403
email : sankar_systems at
S2S2 Services
TV_33/268, Third floor,
ELITE complex, Netaji Road,
Kannur -670001 , Kerala
Ph: 9447449107
email : s2s2service at
Sys-Con Engineering
53B Mirza Galib Street
Kolkata 700 016
Ph: 9830417377 , 033 40014680
email : sceskm at

For orders from outside India please contact:
Trinity Microsystems Pvt. Ltd.
313, Triveni Complex
E-10-12  Jawahar Park,
Vikas Marg, Laxmi Nagar
New Delhi - 110 092
email : sales at

You may send copy of the enquiry to  ajith at so that we can help in case of any delay or other problems.

Pricing Information
    Since the develpment effort is done by IUAC the vendors are able to make the hardware available at lower prices. Pricing is decided by the vendors (not by IUAC) based on the prevailing raw material costs and the labour involved. Prices at which the base unit and accessories are currently available is listed below, excluding taxes, packaging and shipping. The prices are applicable for advance payment. For supplying against purchase orders vendors may quote higher prices due to the extra overheads, anticipated delay in payment etc.
     The minimum shipping charges for outside India, by DHL, is around US$ 110/- . Being a small item buying in bulk results in   lower shipping charges per unit.  A  sample proforma invoice showing courier charges is  here.

Cost in Rupees
Phoenix (RS232 Version) with standard accessory set 1500
Phoenix (USB Version) with standard accessory set
Analog Companion
USB to Serial Adapter with Cable
Light Barrier
Pendulum Waveform Digitizer
Rod Pendulum
Programming Cable and LCD display
40KHz Piezo Transmitter + Receiver 400
IC555 Oscillator Circuit
IC55 Monoshot Circuit
Coils, Ferrites & Magnets for EM Induction studies
Electromagnet and Metal Ball
GM Counter circuit for radiation detection
GM Counter circuit (without GM tube)
Radiation Detection and Analysis (MCA)
Small Vacuum Chamber
9mm x 9mm PN Junction Detector
Phoenix Micro-controller Development Kit
Phoenix-MDK-Bare (with prog. cable)
Phoenix-MDK-Serial (with serial & prog. cable)
Phoenix-MDK-USB (with USB & prog. cable)
LCD display connected with pins

ajith at