Phoenix Users & Developers

    Phoenix has grown as collaborative project with feedback and contributions from the academic community. The initial version used C language for interfacing. The idea of using Python came from Pramode and it made things much easier. Phoenix follows the Free Software philosophy. Without the availability of Free Software it would not have been possible to implements this project.
      IUAC conducts training programs for teachers from colleges under universities in India. The programs are announced in the Phoenix mailing list. You can join the mailing list from the home page.

You can browse the list archives at

After joining the mailing list you can post mails to the address phoenix-project at

Here is a PDF poster on Phoenix. If you feel this project is worth informing others, take a printout and display somewhere.

Phoenix wiki setup by some engg. students from Trissur. , Phoenix page of Ofset wiki.

List of persons who are willing to help others (send a mail to ajith at if you want to be in this)

A photograph of the RMS having a look at Phoenix.

(Phoenix users are requested to send links any Phoenix related activities they have put on the web)