List of documents in PDF format:

An overview of Phoenix 

High School Phoenix

Innovative Experiments using Phoenix , a sort of getting started guide for Phoenix.

Phoenix Programmer's Manual

Some Experiments  by Kishore A, NIT, Calicut  ( TODO )

Nuclear  Physics  Experiments

Python in Physics Education  and the example programs
Learning Mathematics using Python  and the example programs .(Also as a single file examples.tgz file)

Online articles and some external links

Recent Developments in Phoenix by Kishore A.

Experimental Physics with Phoenix and Python by Pramode C.E.

Phoenix wiki by students
of Vidya Academy of science and Technology, Trissur

Phoenix page on Ofset
by Georges

Photos of the Workshop at WBUT, Kolkata
by Indranil Das Gupta

The Story of Phoenix by Kishore A.