Name of PhD Scholar Email Date of Enrolment Enrolment No Research Area Supervisor Thesis Title
SUSHIL KUMAR sushilkumarrocky AT gmail DOT com 14/08/2017 IUAC/17/006 Nuclear Physics Dr. Rakesh Kumar To be given
KAUSHIK KATRE k_katre AT yahoo DOT com 11/08/2017 IUAC/17/005 Nuclear Physics Dr. R.P.Singh To be given
ISHTIAQ AHMED ishtiaq729 AT gmail DOT com 11/08/2017 IUAC/17/004 Nuclear Physics Dr. Rakesh Kumar To be given
DIVYA ARORA aroradivya324 AT gmail DOT com 08/08/2017 IUAC/17/003 Nuclear Physics Dr. P. Sugathan To be given
ANUSMITA CHAKRAVORTY anusmitachakravorty AT gmail DOT com 16/08/2017 IUAC/17/002 Materials Science Dr. D. Kabiraj To be given
ANUP KUMAR CHOUDHURY anup AT iuac DOT res DOT in 11/07/2017 IUAC/17/001 Accelerators & Cryogenics Dr. D. Kanjilal Design and Development of Cryocooler based condenser for Liquid Nitrogen and Liquid Helium.
HIMANSHI GUPTA himanshigupta038 AT gmail DOT com 22/08/2016 IUAC/16/006 Materials Science Dr. Fouran Singh Spectroscopy and electrical transport studies of doped metal oxide in nanophases tailored under ion irradiation.
SAURABH KUMAR SHARMA sharmasaurabh030 AT gmail DOT com 22/08/2016 IUAC/16/005 Materials Science Dr. Pawan Kulriya Radiation induced effects in the nanostructured pyrochlore for waste from applications.
ROHAN BISWAS rohanbiswas1993 AT gmail DOT com 08/08/2016 IUAC/16/004 Nuclear Physics Dr. Subir Nath Study of fusion reactions deep below the barrier
SUGAM KUMAR sugam AT iuac DOT res DOT in 11/05/2016 IUAC/16/003 Atomic Physics C.P Safvan &
Dr. Wolfgand Quint
Design and Setup of Penning Trap for the Study of Ions in Extreme Laser Fields
GOLDA K.S golda AT iuac DOT res DOT in 11/05/2016 IUAC/16/002 Nuclear Physics Dr. P. Sugathan Fusion fission reactions studies near mass 200 region
ANURADHA anu DOT bhogra AT gmail DOT com 08/02/2016 IUAC/16/001 Materials Science Dr. K. Asokan Nano structuring of oxides using ion beam and their thermoelectric properties
VIPUL JOSHI vipuljoshi92 AT gmail DOT com 17/09/2015 IUAC/15/003 Accelerator Physics Dr. Subhendhu Ghosh Generation of Comb Electron Beam and Production of Electromagnetic Radiation from the Beam
JITENDRA SINGH jeetusingh278 AT gmail DOT com 20/07/2015 IUAC/15/001 Materials Science Dr. Fouran Singh Conducting polymer based hybrid nano composites and their response upon energetic ion irradiation for multifuctional applications
CHETNA TYAGI tchetna91 AT gmail DOT com 26/12/2014 IUAC/14/002 Materials Science Dr. Ambuj Tripathi &
Dr. D. K. Avasthi
Tuning of optical and electrical properties of 2 D materials (Graphene oxide and Molybdenum disulphide) under ion-beam irradiation
ARKAPRAVA DAS arkapravadas222 AT gmail DOT com 28/07/2014 IUAC/14/001 Materials Science Dr. Fouran Singh Phase transformation studies for CdO based thin film and their nanocomposites for optoelectronic applications