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The journal is being published since 1975 by Indian Cryogenics Council and is intended to serve as an international forum for publication of review articles, research papers, short communications, news and information in the multidisciplinary field of Cryogenics/ superconductivity/ low temperature physics and allied subjects. Till date 30 volumes, each volume consisting of four issues, have been published. Vol. 31 is under preparation.

Now onwards, it has been decided that alternates volumes will be covering the papers submitted for National Symposium on Cryogenics.

It is also decided by Executive council of ICC that all submitted manuscript will be reviewed by the newly constituted editorial board prior to publication .

Contact : You are requested to prepare the manuscript as per template of IJC ( Given below) and send manuscript as an attachment and a hard copy to the following address

Dr. Amit Roy / Mr. T. S. Datta
Inter University Accelerator Centre
Aruna Asaf Ali Marg,
New Delhi – 110067

Email :



The institutes or any individual , who are interested to subscribe may please Contact :

Dr. Amit Roy,

President, Indian Cryogenics Council.

Director, Inter- University Accelerator Centre.

New Delhi- 67

Subscription Rate ;

Institute : Rs 4000/- for four issues of Single volume

Individual ( Non ICC Member) : Rs 750/- for four issues

Individual ( ICC Members) : Only postage charges of Rs 100/-

For Institutes, it is preferable to have subscription for five years, if permitted. Cheque/ Draft in favour of “Indian Cryogenics Council – Delhi ” along with covering letter may be sent to Dr. Amit Roy.


Chief Editor : Dr. R.G. Sharma (Retired, NPL)

Assistant Editior :
1. Mr.
T. S. Datta. IUAC, New Delhi. 67
2. Mr. Subimal Saha, VECC, Kolkata
3. Prof. S. Kasthurirengan, IISc, Bangalore

Editorial Advisory Board Members

A. Low Temperature Physics/ Superconductivity                                             B. Cryogenic Engineering

1. Prof. R. Srinivasan                                                                         1. Dr. Amit Roy

2. Prof E. S. Rajagopal                                                                       2. Dr. R. K. Bhandari

3. Dr. R. G. Sharma                                                                           3. Prof. S. Sarangi

4. Prof. A. K. Raychoudhuri                                                               4. Prof. K. G. Narayankhedkar

5. Dr. P. Chaddah                                                                              5. Dr. Philippe Leburn

6. Dr. A. K. Gupta                                                                             6. Prof. Subhash Jacob

7. Prof. A. K. Bhatnagar                                                                    7. Prof. Maciej Chorowsky

8. Dr. I. Ramakrishnan                                                                      8. Prof. Y. C. Saxena

9. Prof. S. N. Kaul                                                                            9. Prof. H. B. Naik

10. Prof. T. K. Dey                                                                         10. Prof. P. K. Bose


Vol. 29 (Special Issue) : Twentieth National Symposium on Cryogenics at NIT, Surat in 2005
Vol 30, 2005 ( Four Issues)

Vol 31

Vol 32, 2007